Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Ocalan: Peace treaty between Ankara and the PKK in danger

The historic peace treaty between the PKK and Ankara is in jeopardy of falling apart if the Islamic State Organization will succeed in taking over the Kurdish populated city of Kobane, in Syria.

“The siege of Kobane is much more than an ordinary siege. If the Islamic State manages to unleash their terror, the peace process will be over,” a press release from Abdullah Ocalan states, the Kurdish leader who now is being imprisoned for life in Turkey, according Global News Intelligence.

The statement, published via a group of Kurdish members of parliament who visited Ocalan, comes as a consequence of the military advance of the Islamic State in northern Syria.

The peace process, the second in the violent history between Ankara and the PKK that has seen over 400.000 casualties so far, has been in force since spring last year when the PKK withdrew its military forces from Turkey to northern Iraq.

The peace process is one of the internal highlights of Erdogan’s regime thus, the deadlock of this process would mean serious problems for the governing party, AKP, which relies on the support of the Kurdish population for the 2015 elections.

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