Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Recognizing Israel as a Jewish democratic state: Religious...

  Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state has become the most recent obstacle to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process. After weeks of negotiations about an extension on a settlement freeze in the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an offer: a two month extension…

Pipelines for peace

SaleemThe groundwork for regional pipeline projects emanating from Central Asia through Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh has been laid. These pipelines will define new political partnerships once America cuts down its forces in Afghanistan.

Israel and Palestine: Between Alternatives

Picture_012Although, a very strong international consensus has emerged, over the past two decades, that the only practicable means of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a negotiated agreement allowing for two states to live side-by-side, in peace and security, little progress has been made towar…

Forecast for Lebanon: Cloudy Days Ahead

beirutsummitjuly2010The Arab world was abuzz with the news about the “historic” summit that took place in Lebanon, last week, featuring King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, President Assad of Syria and President Suleiman of Lebanon. 

A New Kataeb

kataeb-flagThe Kataeb Party has been described as a “builder, surrogate and defender of the [Lebanese] state”.[1] By detractors it was a “fascist” group whose ideology was merely, “cover to maintain the social, political and economic privileges the Maronite Christian minority g…

Moqtada Sadr in Damascus

sadrandallawiMoqtada Sadr arrived in Damascus this week taking time off from his clerical studies in the Iranian holy city of Qom in an effort to kick start a stalled political process in Baghdad.  

From Black Gold to Blue Gold – The increasing importance...

rainbowpollutionOil and energy concerns have featured prominently in security discussions in the Arab world, visibly floating on the surface of the region’s political agenda.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood gears towards elections

egypt1There are 22 players certain agreed upon rules and a referee. Players can play all they want but they cannot score goals. If someone does score a goal, he will be shown a red card, immediately, and sent off the pitch.    

Sadrists: Unstable opportunists or pragmatic power brokers?

iraq1mapIraq is still without a government more than three months after Iraqi voters gave the secular Iraqiya slate of Iyad Allawi a narrow victory over the State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.  

Don’t Rule Out the Activists!

empower_lthumbDespite growing repression, democracy activists in the Middle East continue to push for change.

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