18 Sep 2023
Tensions between Iran and Egypt began again after the Islamic Revolution, when the exiled Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was welcomed by former Egyptian President Mohammad Anwar Sadat, despite the demands of the revolutionaries. After that, the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel widened
15 Sep 2023
Emergency workers search a destroyed building in Amizmiz on September 10 Source of the photo: Nacho Doce On Friday September 8, 2023, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7 struck Morocco, causing widespread destruction. The epicentre was situated in the High Atlas Mountain range, appr
12 Sep 2023
Why was this agreement made with the participation of Qatar despite the fact that countries like Iraq and Oman have hosted several rounds of meetings in recent years in support of Iran-US talks? Finally, after a year of intense talks between Iranian and American officials, the process of implemen
11 Sep 2023
Introduction Over the past few months, the US has dispatched additional military forces to the Middle East in multiple phases in order to strengthen its operational capabilities in the region. The first phase involved deploying advanced F-22 Raptor jets on June 14, 2023. At the time, the United S