23 Sep 2016
The parliamentary elections in Jordan are set at a time of turbulence in the broader region, Jordan had to put enormous efforts into stabilizing itself against all odds. The Kingdom is being overwhelmed both by external factors (war-torn neighbors) resulting in an ever-growing refugee crisis and int
30 Sep 2011
Recently, deprivation and lack of satisfaction in the daily life of the population have generated waves of protests among Arab states in the Middle East. Nowadays, Jordan resembles a drama, as protests seem to be erupting on a schedule known beforehand. Mass protests are permitted in Jordan, but
28 Dec 2010
Known as ‘The Martyrs’ Capital’ to Palestinians, Jenin Refugee Camp’s streets are lined with posters and awnings featuring somber portraits of the dead.  It is an unlikely setting for The Freedom Theater, a progressive institute that has challenged the concept of a violent resistance to the
21 Dec 2010
After King Abdullah II dissolved Jordan’s Lower House through a Royal decree in November of last year, he entrusted the government with preparing for a new round of parliamentary elections. More importantly, the king also asked the government to amend the temporary Electoral Law. This was large