30 Mar 2023
MEPEI calls on the international community for lifting unilateral sanctions on Syria to facilitate humanitarian aid and to start rebuilding the Syrian economy. Due to the devastating earthquake that hit Syria on the 6th of February 2023, United States (US) and European Union (EU) relaxed their un
23 Feb 2022
Book description: On a general note, this book assesses Iran’s role in contemporary geopolitics. In particular, it examines three main intertwining circles: Iran’s development and political challenges, based on its religion-inspired ideology, its relationships with neighboring countries (wit
18 Jun 2020
The Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI) organizes the internship program addressed to students, researchers, and any other persons interested in the study of the Middle East and North Africa region. MEPEI interns are provided with the opportunity to do real work and complete assi
12 Jun 2020
This book was published by Middle East Political and Economic Institute and Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies (IMESS), Tehran, Iran in October 2013 as the proceeding of the international conference “EU and the Middle East: Iranian viewpoints” held in Bucharest on October 23-24, 2013.