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Add to Calendar UTC +3, EEST International Conference - "Muslim World Democratization in the Light of Arab Spring: Civil Society Evolutions" International Conference

Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI), “Ion Conea” Association for Geopolitics and Islamic and Cultural League in Romania, in collaboration with Central University Library “Carol I”, ASAGRI Association and Expres Printing, organized on 16th May, the conference “Muslim World Democratization in the light of Arab Spring: civil society evolutions”. The event took place in Aula of Central University Library and was mainly destined to diplomatic and academic representatives, as well as to Romanian civil society representatives.

The conference’s proposed objectives were to debate the evolutions and transformations triggered by the events generic known as Arab Spring, to emphasize Turkey’s role in this particular context, and to identify civil society potential cooperation area in the process of supporting Muslim world democratic transitions.

We were honored by the presence and the keynote speeches delivered by leading academic and civil society figures, the subjects addressed being of a certain novelty. Professor Mahboubah Merchaoui BEN NASER, researcher at the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Paris and associated Professor at the European Institute for Human Sciences Paris, illustrated interesting elements regarding Tunisian civil society democratization. Mr. Hafidi ABDESSLAM, Deputy Director of the European Institute for Human Sciences in Paris, made a complex presentation of the dynamic relationship between Islam and democracy. Mr. Ufuk ULUTAȘ, analyst and past expert for SETA Foundation (Ankara, Turkey), highlighted Turkey’s key playing position in post-revolutionary Arab societies’ evolution. Political analyst, Mr. Ahmed ABDELHAMID, brought to attention the post-revolutionary Egypt social transformations.

Romanian part was also represented by important key speakers. Mr. Lucian BIRO, former President of National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control, made a presentation on current nuclear security situation in Arab world. Mr. Vasile SIMILEANU, associated Professor at Bucharest University of Economic Studies and Vice President “Ion Conea” Geopolitics Association, described the complexity of Muslim world geopolitics. Mrs. Cristina ALEXANDRESCU, political analyst, discussed the sensitive topic of women rights in Arab world. Mr. Flavius CABA-MARIA, President of MEPEI, highlighted the effort of Jordanian government authorities to organize the parliamentary elections on January 23, 2013, in the light of his own experience gained during the monitoring of the electoral process, and Mrs. Sevinci GEMALEDIN, President of the Muslim Sisters Association in Romania, emphasized the role of Muslim women to acquire fundamental freedoms in the Middle East, and the status of Muslim women in European society.

The current transformations that affect Muslim world should be perceived as a natural stage in the Islamic society evolution towards new social and political equilibriums and it’s our strong believe that public debates will support these vital changes in the process of Muslim world democratization. Based on the conference’s conclusions, will be analyzed the opportunity of organizing a summer school on the topic of Muslim world democratization and civil society evolutions.



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