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International Summer School #1
Craiova & Musetesti, Romania
July 23-29, 2017


The International Summer School addresses critical topics for the global community. It is high time that think-tanks and universities adjust both their analytical toolboxes and operational agenda, at a time of tectonic shifts of power within Eurasia and the Middle East.

The first edition of the International Summer School “From Chaos to the New Regional Orders in Eurasia and the Middle East” focuses on foreign policy and security dynamics triggered by the transition from the “Old World order” to the new orders in – the – making in a multipolar system of international relations.

A solid team of experts with complementary backgrounds and expertise, with a high profile (with experience in both public and private institutions), gathers with a view to offering a seven days intensive training course in foreign and security policy.
We would give the topic adequate attention, as International Organizations and States are being substantially engaged in reshaping the political order of Eurasia and the Middle East.

Participants would have the opportunity to acquire tailor-made solid academic and policy knowledge, develop skills in foreign policy and security analysis and build networks with fellows and leading experts from Eurasia and the Middle East.

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that we address Eurasia and Middle East distinctively, the programme encompasses related topics converging in complementary foreign and security policy analysis.

Technical box


Type of Programme International Summer School (ISS) on Foreign and Security Policy
Duration Seven days, the programme being hosted by the University Campus in Craiova (1 day) and by the Nature Inn Residence in Musetesti (6 days).
Arrival is set for the 23th of July in the afternoon and departure on 30th of July.
Teaching and learning format Blended learning:

  1. Ex-ante individual study prior to the International Summer School;
  2. Residential intensive training (lectures, simulations, group work);

iii. Ex-post tutoring for publishing selected policy analysis.


Side activities:

iv. Cultural discovery trips;

  1. Meeting with high- level politicians and policymakers from the National Parliament of Romania, the European Parliament, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Working language English
Tuition 300 euro

It covers full accommodation/food for all days, and learning materials.

  • Department of History and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences- University of Craiova, Craiova, Romania;
  • Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI), Bucharest, Romania.

Training programme objectives

(i)                 learning

i.1: to raise awareness on topical issues in foreign policy and security in Eurasia and the Middle East;
i.2: to foster debate around alternative pathways to integration in Eurasia;
i.3: to develop analytical competences in the area of foreign and security policy;
i.4: to acquire new approaches to conflict resolution.

 (ii)               operational

ii.1: to set up a network of scholars keen on research and publishing on topics related to Eurasia and the Middle East;
ii.2: to jointly develop a transformative agenda on foreign policy and security in Eurasia and the Middle East;
ii.3: to launch an online communication platform on Foreign and Security Policy Analysis in Eurasia and the Middle East.

Training learning topics

The entire training programme is designed around four horizontal paths on competence development (paradigms of foreign and security policy in Eurasia and the Middle East, foreign and security policy of great powers in Eurasia and the Middle East, foreign and security policy scenario design, networking and international project design) and five pillars on the problem – based knowledge acquisition (The Clash of Titans. Re-ordering Eurasia and the Middle East, From G-Zero to the Awakening of “the Rest”, Eurasia – the Bedrock of the New World Order, When the Periphery Becomes the Center, From the Geopolitical Recession to the Rise of “the Rest”).

International speakers:

i.  Scholars from universities from Eurasia and the Middle Eastern Countries;

ii.  Experts with an international profile specialized on the topics.

Romanian speakers:

i.  Scholars from the University of Craiova and other Romanian universities;
ii.  Experts with an international profile specialized on the topics;
iii. Foreign policy professionals.

How to get enrolled

We aim at selecting 25 participants. As for the profiles, we look to bring together PhD and PhD candidates (social/political studies, humanities or economics), researchers, young professionals and experts working in think-tanks and academic institutions, practitioners, employees and civil servants dealing with foreign and security policy, journalists with an interest in Eurasia and/or the Middle East.

We praise diversity in terms of individual of different orientation to religions, sex, race, and age.


Applicants are requested to send a PDF file (made of two A4, portrait) comprising a CV and a presentation of a research project on a topic relevant to the International Summer School.

Please send a file named “name_surname.pdf” to The maximum file size is 4 Mb. In case you apply for a Financial Aid package, do specify in your application what type of financial package you seek.


Applications must be submitted no later than 20th of June, 2017.

Applicants chosen for participating and a ranking of possible substitutes will be communicated on the 24th of June.

Selected participants need to confirm their attendance by the 26th of June.

Is it possible to come accompanied?

Yes, participants are able to come accompanied assuming they cover fully for accommodation, food and local transportation costs. Yet, make sure you make a note in your application form otherwise the organizers cannot guarantee the availability.


  • In Single room: 30 EUR / night / person
  • In Shared Double room: 15 EUR / night / person

Estimated living costs/three meals/day: 30 EUR

What you need to know about the food

On the ISS venue, you will enjoy a pleasant, natural lifestyle where you are served three meals a day consisting of a mix of natural products (meat, dairy, vegetables and fruits).

What to know about the venue

Musetesti, a countryside area at the foot of the mountains, is located close to Constantin BRANCUSI’s birthplace and masterpieces.

Constantin BRANCUSI being the most important sculptor of the twentieth century.

What you need to know about the travel and visa

The costs of international flights will be your financial responsibility. The arrival may be either at Craiova International Airport or Bucharest International Airport.

Upon request, we can make all the travel arrangements, from Bucharest’s International Airport to the first location of the International Summer School, the city of Craiova, upon paying a fee of 50 euro/person/return ticket.

Local transportation for the entire duration of the course will be fully covered by the organizers.

Should you need a visa, do send together with your application a copy of a valid passport (minimum 6 months before it expires). The cost of visa is your sole responsibility.



For any further enquiries do not hesitate to contact us at the following coordinates:

T: +40 722 304923

    International Summer School coordinators:

Mr. Flavius CABA-MARIA, PhD Candidate,
President of Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI), Bucharest, Romania

Assistant Professor Florin PASATOIU, PhD,
Department of History and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova, Romania

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