HE Mr. Hamid MOAYYER, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Romania

Speech on the 36th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen

“Allah changes not the condition of a people until they change that which is in them” (Holy Quran,Chapter 13, Verse 11)

On the eve of the 36th anniversary of the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution which was in essence the victory of light over darkness, I would like to congratulate the noble and resistant people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and warmly welcome you all in this ceremony.

On this occasion, the people of the great nation of Iran, under the leadership of His Eminence the late Imam Khomeini (PBUH) succeeded to overcome the political, cultural and economic corruption which was the legacy of a half century rule of the corrupt and criminal Pahlavi dynasty.

Iran is a great country located in the Middle East, it’s a bridge which connects the Caspian Sea in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south, and on the other direction connects East and West Asia to each other. Therefore, its influence on the security and stability of the entire region and of the world is undeniable. In this regard, one of the strategic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Islamic Revolution was détente and maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Just after the victory of revolution and getting rid of the domination of imperialist and arrogant powers, the Islamic Republic of Iran openly announced that its foreign policy is based on neither East nor West policy. The slogan can still be easily seen on the top of the main entrance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran.

This revolution brought the most ideal climate for a social coexistence, in which all citizens, regardless of their race or religion, whether they are Assyrians, Armenians, Zoroastrians or Jewish, are living in indescribable peace and security with their fellow countrymen. It is the blessing of this revolution that today, the

Islamic Republic of Iran is regarded as the Island of Peace and Stability in the Middle East despite of ongoing wars and threats through the plots of foreigners and terrorist’s criminal, dangerous and devastating activities in the region.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran – which strongly believes the neighbors’ security is its own security – has been constructively involved in solving the crisis and hostilities in the proximity of Iran’s geographical boundaries which clearly demonstrate our desire for world peace and our belief in the peaceful resolution of conflicts among countries or governments. The Islamic Republic of Iran disagrees with overthrowing of any legitimate government through foreign interference. Constructive interaction based on mutual respect, common interest and on equal standing is the foundation of the relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other countries.

In today’s world, violence, insecurity, extremist acts have created a burning hell that engulfs with its flames all human beings, followers of all religions, nations and ethnicities all over the world. West strategic mistakes in the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus have changed this region into a paradise for the terrorist groups.

Terrorism and violence are neither a war between religion and freedom, nor a West – East confrontation and nor a clash between civilizations, nations or religions but a serious threat to all human beings and world’s security.

Moses is the Prophet of freedom and fight against the Pharo’s tyranny. Jesus is the Prophet of love, kindness and humanity and MOHAMMAD is the Prophet of blessing and freedom from ignorance. Therefore, occupation, crime, repression, atrocities in the name of MOSES, humiliation of people and starting new Crusades in the name of Jesus and beheading the innocent people, enslaving women and children in the name of MOHAMMAD are both crimes against humanity and disrespect towards the Divine Holy Prophets.

After the beginning of the office of President Hassan ROUHANI, his noble idea of WAVE (a World Against Violence and Extremism) created a new atmosphere in the Islamic Republic of Iran and changes started shining in internal and external affairs of the country. Under the leadership of President Hassan ROUHANI, the 11th Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys a very active file in de-tensioning and expanding the foreign relations during the past 1 and a half year. Despite of the unfair, unjust and cruel imposed sanctions based on a manufactured crisis, the Government succeeded to revive the economic situation and bring more hope and unity among our people. In the international scene, by putting more force on the nuclear discussions, this obstacle tried to be removed. Of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran, by deep belief in the religious fatwa of His Eminence Ayatollah KHAMENEI, has never had any belief in the atomic bomb and all sorts of weapons of mass destruction.

What Islamic Republic of Iran is looking for is merely peaceful use of nuclear energy in the framework of NPT and regulations of IAEA. So, we are not asking anything more that of our rights and of course, the country is not prepared at all to be deprived from its legitimate nuclear rights. This science and technology is a human being heritage and does not belong to any special country or nation and all the human beings should have access to peaceful use of it. After the 2013 agreement as joint plan of action, fortunately in the meeting of the ministers of P5+1 on 24th November 2014, we had a very remarkable progress to finalize the comprehensive agreement but , due to some minor technical issues, the discussion has been extended till end of June this year. We are very optimistic that the final agreement will be achieved even before that time.

In this atmosphere, many countries approached the Islamic Republic of Iran and by sending high level delegations, showed their willingness to open a new chapter in their relations with our country. Romania, which enjoys a historical relation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, joined the others and, by sending an official delegation headed by H.E. Ms. Carmen BURLACU, Secretary of State for Global Affairs of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Tehran and signing a new bilateral agreement took an important step towards enhancing the relations. Romania used to enjoy a traditional market in Iran and for reviving this market and its exports and business in Iran, sustainable activeness and bigger steps are needed.

The relation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Romania, which is over one hundred and ten years old, has a huge potential for cooperation. There are several projects defined in terms of economic and trade relations between the two countries, and I hope that, with the political will of the authorities of the two countries and the implementation of these projects, we will witness the further increasing, development and strengthening of this relationship.

Once again, I thank you for sharing tonight’s joy along with us. I wish greatness and success for all of you and for the people and government of the friendly country of Romania, and I also wish peace and friendship and a world free of violence and extremism for the international community.

Thank you.

(Bucharest, February 11, 2015)

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