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Event: Intensive courses

Venue: Hotel Marshal Garden, Bucharest

The date of the event: 18th April- 19th May 2016, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 17:00- 20:00

Organizer: Centre of Advanced Strategies

Partners: Middle East Political and Economic Institute, Centre of Analysis and Security Studies, Global News Intelligence, Geopolitics Association ‘’Ion Conea”.

The Middle East is the most volatile geopolitical region internationally speaking, being specific with regards to its security structure, caused specially by the 75% of the world hydrocarbon reserves located in this area. Given this specificity, the Middle East is distinguished both by the hegemonic interests of the regional actors and by the strategic interests of the great powers, being altogether an epicenter of the international relations system.

In this context, the studies regarding the Middle East top the academic research and intelligence analyses, the region being concurrently a supplier of security, given its energetic resources and an insecurity provider, featuring: spreading terrorism inspired by the Islamic fundamentalists, nuclear weaponry, sectarian conflicts and others. As a conclusion, it is obvious that the current dynamics in geopolitics in the Middle East would mark not only the future of the region, but also the future global security architecture.


Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Romania, HE Mr Hamid MOAYYER, Ambassador of the The Arab Republic of Egypt to Romania, HE Mr Mohamed Alaaeldin Aly Shawky ELHADIDI, The Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Romania, HE Mr Saker MALKAWI


Maj. Gen (r) Dr Alexandru GRUMAZ, Gen (r) Constantin DEGERATU, PhD Candidate Răzvan MUNTEANU, PhD Vasile SIMILEANU, Cătălin BUCIUMEANU, PhD Candidate Flavius CABA-MARIA

Enrolment is open until 14.04.2016, through sending out a CV at the address:

Participation fee is 800 RON (700 RON for students)

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