July 09, 2020, Damascus: Press Conference of the Iranian Defense Minister Major General Baqeri and the Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayoub after signing the military agreement. Source of photo: Press TV

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad says the recent military agreement signed by Damascus and Tehran is the result of years of cooperation in fighting against terrorism in Syria.

The Syrian president made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri in capital Damascus on July 09, a statement by the Syrian presidential office said.

Baqeri, for his part, underlined “the importance of Iran’s continued efforts aimed at boosting bilateral ties between the two friendly and brotherly nations in all fields.”

The top Iranian military official also stressed that continued strengthening of bilateral ties is in the interests of Iran and Syria and that he supports it against any attempts to interfere in the domestic affairs of the two countries and damage their independent decision-making.

Major General Baqeri arrived in Damascus on July 09, 2020, and signed a “comprehensive” agreement with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayoub to strengthen military and defense cooperation.

“We will strengthen Syria’s air defense systems within the framework of strengthening military cooperation between the two countries,” Baqeri said after signing the agreement.

The accord provides for the expansion of military and security cooperation and the continuation of coordination between the armed forces of the two countries.

The two sides also underlined the need for the withdrawal of foreign forces that have been “illegally” deployed to Syria in violation of international law and said the forces are the main obstacle to the complete cleansing of armed terrorist groups in some parts of Syria.

The top Iranian commander said the signed deal “increases our will to work together in the face of US pressure.” “The people and countries of the region do not welcome the presence of the United States, and our response to the American prattling will continue,” Baqeri added.

On the Turkish military presence on Syrian soil, the Iranian commander said that Turkey is dragging its feet regarding the implementation of its commitments under the Astana agreements on the withdrawal of terrorist groups from Syria.

He said Turkey must realize that the solution to any of its security problems is through negotiation with the Syrian side, and not through military deployment in Syria.

Ayoub, for his part, described Israel as a partner of the US in the war against Syria, adding that terrorist groups constituted part of the Israeli aggression.

In recent years, Israel has repeatedly launched airstrikes in Syria, which have claimed the lives of Syria’s military forces.


Iran and Syria have signed different military and defense cooperation over the past years.

The Islamic Republic commenced providing Syria with advisory military assistance after numerous countries, at the head of them, the US and its Western and regional allies began funding and arming militants and terrorists with the aim of deposing the Syrian president’s government.

Although the Syrian government initially lost considerable expanses of territory to the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group and other terror outfits, the country rallied to retake the lost grounds and drive out terrorists from much of the country.

This article was edited using the data from presstv.com, irandailyonline.ir, parstoday.com, and en.rasanews.ir.

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