This paper is dealing with the following issues:

Part 1 – Trends and issues

1.The currency valuation

a) Factors that are stabilizing the exchange rate

b) Emergency Measures

2. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic

a) COVID-19 pandemic related developments

b) Noteworthy events concurrent with the pandemic

c) Economic and social effects of COVID-19 pandemic

3. Decrease imports: possible scenarios and their effect on the trade balance

Part 2 – Reports and programs

Part 3 – Comprehensive Economic Metrics

 The paper is based on the analyses made by the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation, Beirut, Lebanon.

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About the author:


Racha AWADA is a junior researcher and associate fellow of MEPEI focusing on the Lebanon Domestic and Foreign Policies. She has a MA in Global Diplomacy at SOAS - University of London. Her dissertation examined how Iran was able to sustain both international and regional pressures using a defensive realist framework. She has a BA in Political Science from the Lebanese American University. Her specializations are in Middle East politics and security studies.

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