The Think-Tank Middle East Political and Economic Institute, through the website, offers access services to electronic materials to registered users.

For some of the materials available on the website the access service is offered free of charge, and for the other materials the access service can be accessed only upon payment.

The acquisition of access services is done by the purchase of an access service to a certain material (service available for any user or unauthenticated member).

The procedure is as follows:

– The user selects the material for which (s)he wants to purchase the access service and presses the “Download Now” button;

– The user fills in the name, the e-mail address and the telephone number, selects the way in which (s)he wants to make the payment and clicks on the “Buy Access” button. It is very important that the e-mail address entered is a valid one, to which the User has access and which can receive e-mails from Otherwise, the Customer understands that there may be delays in processing the order and, in extreme cases, may lead to the customer’s inability to download the desired material in a timely manner;

– The user will be directed to the payment page;

– After making the payment, the User will receive by e-mail the Download Link for the material for which he has purchased access;

– After accessing and downloading the material, the access service is considered complete/ provided.

After receiving the payment confirmation from Paylike, MEPEI will issue the invoice for the order.

RETURN POLICY offers access services to electronic materials that are provided in digital format and that can be downloaded via the Internet (not via printed media).

According to the Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014 regarding consumer rights contracts concluded from distance contracts are exempted from the right of withdrawal based on digital content that is not delivered on a material medium, if the provision began with the prior express consent of the consumer \, thus after (s)he confirmed that (s)he became aware that (s)he would lose his right of withdrawal. reserves the right to refuse the return of the services offered if the customer has downloaded the material for which he purchased the access service.

The customer understands and agrees that by accessing the download link / the actual download of the archive of the ordered material:

– The electronic material access service is considered to be provided and concluded;

– The contract for the provision of remote services is considered to be finalized / executed;

– The customer loses the right to request withdrawal from the distance contract;

– The customer loses the right to request a return.

Any Customer has the right to request the withdrawal of the service only if he has not accessed the link for downloading the material and has not downloaded the material that is the subject of the purchased service.

The withdrawal request from the Client can be made within 14 calendar days from the date when the link intended for downloading the material that is the object of the access service was sent to him through a request registered on the website