Executive summary: Lebanon is facing a multi-dimensional crisis that is worsening by the day, therefore the need for a solution is crucial. Lebanon has long been suffering from the fragility of the state, limited administrative capabilities, and persistent social tensions. This analysis discusses suggested alternatives to alleviate the crisis. One of the proposed solutions comes from previous members of the political class, the second comes from a civil society group that was formed in 2016 to combat the foreseen economic crisis, and the third is a plan designated by the political class: form a government and wait for international aid.


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About the author:


Racha AWADA is a junior researcher and associate fellow of MEPEI focusing on the Lebanon Domestic and Foreign Policies. She has a MA in Global Diplomacy at SOAS - University of London. Her dissertation examined how Iran was able to sustain both international and regional pressures using a defensive realist framework. She has a BA in Political Science from the Lebanese American University. Her specializations are in Middle East politics and security studies.


  1. Ghassan Nasser says:

    I agree with your analysis.
    Still we need a lot of sincere far fetched plans to salvage our country and put it back on the right track where our people deserve to be!!!

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