11th of January 2023


The unfounded accusations by certain states in September 2022, together with subsequent media war through the intentional circulating of fake news via Social Media, which was aimed at disseminating hate and violence in the society of Iran, regrettably incited and inflamed a series of violent crimes inside of Iran, including terrorist attacks. The responsibility for this situation first and foremost lies upon the shoulder of those who supported and inflamed these crimes through unlawful intervention in the internal affairs of Iran. Repeating misinformation does not make it true.


Iran’s government is committed to human rights as enshrined in the constitution of Iran and many other domestic laws, including the right of people to peaceful freedom of expression, but at the same time, as any other state, it is firmly determined to ensure its public order and prevent from any action against the national security, public order (order public), public health or morals or the rights and freedoms of others, a right fully recognized in international law.


It is fully recognized in international law that governments have the right to bring persons involved in violent crimes into justice. Iran and Romania are both parties to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966. This instrument expressly states that in countries that have not abolished the death penalty, a sentence of death may be imposed. According to Iranian criminal law, capital punishment could be rendered, as in many other countries.


The capital punishment sentences have been rendered and implemented with full scrutiny and are related to persons who have been involved in committing serious crimes, and were issued in accordance with applicable procedural and substantive laws. The two men who were executed were convicted for murder and acting violently against the national security.


Law enforcement authorities and police of Iran have been reluctant to resort to force to the possible extent. Almost, 60 police, law enforcement members and others have been killed and many others were injured. Additionally, many public properties were damaged, including ambulances and public buildings. Peaceful protest and violent crimes are different. Non prosecution of criminals is not compatible with Human Rights and will certainly lead to the impunity of criminals.


The manipulation of facts and political misuse of human rights will not contribute to the situation of human rights of Iran. If there is a genuine will in Europe to strengthen the human rights of Iran, there should be a firm policy against the unlawful U.S. sanctions that have been imposed unlawfully for many years, in particular from 2018 afterward, against Iranians in a systematic manner and as documented by the United Nations violating several human rights of Iranian nation. If, there is a real will to help the human right situation of Iran, the most immediate action is lifting all sanctions against Iranian people.


Iran has always been prepared to engage in good faith and constructive manner to resolve the differences in a peaceful manner. To the contrary, Iran has proved to be allergic to any unlawful intervention and intimidation. We hope Romania can use its national authority as well as through EU format to contribute to a peaceful solution for any differences between Iran and Europe, both regarding human rights as well as any other mutually agreed issues.

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