22 Nov 2022
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On November 21, 2022, MEPEI and EuroDefense Romania, in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania, organized a round-table discussion, titled “New Kazakhstan: the Path of Renewal and Modernization”, as part of the “Let’s Discover Kazakhstan” Project, hosted by Grand Hotel Bucharest.

To continue the development of bilateral ties, the round-table discussion emphasized the mutual process of understanding and awareness, being organized in the extraordinary context of President Kassym-Jomart TOKAYEV’s victory on November 20th, thus enhancing the intention of the leadership of Kazakhstan to continue the reform process. This is especially a path to be attentively followed while fulfilling the mutual interests of the Romania – Kazakhstan partnership.

During the two-hour discussion, the audience invited to take part in the event, formed by representatives of the co-organizers and a delegation of the Kazakhstani Embassy, and members of the Romanian society from the private, political, academic and mass-media fields, assisted at an extended discussion about the challenges and the opportunities of this new path followed by Kazakhstan.

The following speakers were present for this round-table, moderated by Prof. Liviu MUREȘAN, President of EuroDefense Romania:

  • E. Mr. Nurbakh RUSTEMOVAmbassador, the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania;
  • Flavius CABA – MARIAPresident, MEPEI;
  • George-Sergiu NICULESCUSecretary of State, Ministry of Energy;
  • Radu-Iulian MOLNARDeputy, Chamber of Deputies;
  • Adrian SEVERINFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Teodor MELEȘCANUFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ambassador Emil RAPCEACareer Diplomat, Former Ambassador of Romania to Kazakhstan;
  • Ambassador Dumitru TĂNASĂ, Career Diplomat.

H.E. Mr. Ambassador Nurbakh RUSTEMOV informed the participants in detail about the preliminary results of the victory of Mr. TOKAYEV, as well as the intention of the leadership of Kazakhstan to continue the effective implementation of major political and socio-economic reforms. In particular, it was underlined that the results of the presidential election confirmed the broad support for important reforms for the country and gave the newly elected president a new mandate to continue building a “Just Kazakhstan”.

Mr. Radu-Iulian MOLNAR noted that despite the current situation in the international arena, Kazakhstan remains an island of stability and prosperity due to the extended process of modernization of President TOKAYEV.

In addition, Prof. Adrian SEVERIN highlighted the idea that that Kazakhstan is known for its political initiatives and the entire democratic world is closely watching the ongoing transformation. In his view, Astana is the most important player in Central Asia and through reforms can become the engine of transformation in the entire region, since it is foreseen that 21st century is the Asian century.

In terms of elements of bilateral ties, Mr. George-Sergiu NICULESCU stated that continuation is the main term of the relationship between Romania and Kazakhstan, since after the elections, Kazakhstan will remain an important trade and economic partner of Romania. “Our country supports Kazakhstan’s initiatives, led by Mr. TOYAKEV, to implement the transition to a green economy and decarbonization,” he said.

Former Romanian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Emil RAPCEA emphasized that after gaining independence, the leadership of Kazakhstan was focused on building and consolidating the nation, continued with large-scale modernization, carried out by the newly elected President. Finally, Ambassador Dumitru TĂNASĂ, added that “His victory will bring progress and prosperity to the country, because he has vast experience in international politics and a pragmatic view to fully serve his people, while a strong Kazakhstan will bring only the best to the international community.”

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