Serghei LAVROV the Russian Foreign Minister and General of the Army Serghei SHOIGU the Russian Defence Minister visited Istanbul for discussions.Source of the photo:

Turkey and Russia have postponed ministerial-level talks on Libya and Syria, where the two countries support opposing sides in the conflicts.

The two countries’ deputy ministers will continue contacts and talks in the period ahead. Minister-level talks will be held at a later date” said CAVUSOGLU.

LAVROV and Sergei SHOIGU the Russian Defense Minister were to visit Istanbul for the discussions.

UN said warring sides had begun new ceasefire talks in Libya, where Turkey supports the GNA, whose forces have in recent weeks repelled an assault on Tripoli by the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA).

Russian Federation, UAE, and Egypt, back the LNA in the long-running Libyan conflict, and Turkey has always said its political and military support will continue for the GNA.

The disagreement was on the appointment of Aguila SALEH as the new leader of a political settlement in Libya as proposed by Russia said diplomatic sources to Al Jazeera.

Turkey is understood to be in agreement with SALEH’s appointment, it wants him to remain a supportive figure to SARRAJ and not his replacement.

In Syria, Russia supports Syrian President Bashar al ASSAD’s forces, while Turkey backs opposition fighters.

Although a Turkish-Russian deal three months ago produced a ceasefire that halted fighting in northwest Syria’s Idlib, airstrikes have once again hit the region in the last week.

Iranian paramilitary forces in Idlib were to be an issue discussed in Istanbul.

Turkey has expressed concerns and expectations regarding six significant locations where these forces are stationed.

Iranian paramilitary forces have increased their fighter numbers near some Turkish observation posts in Idlib – that was seen as a potential risk by Turkey.

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