10 Oct 2019
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Group photo, following the roundtable on “De-radicalization in Iraq After ISIS Collapse: Issues and Challenges”, held in the frame of Warsaw Security Forum 2019.

Among the speakers, Muayad Mouhammed Salih, Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iraq, Hoshyar Siwaily, Head of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s Foreign Relations Office, Witold Repetowicz, journalist, Defence24.com, Mosharaf Zaidi, journalist, Tabadlab.com

Special thanks for the valuable insights delivered by the experts attending the event: dr. Maurizio Geri, Threestonesinternational.com, Jessica Berlin, Costruct.co, and Maciej Dachowski, U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

On behalf of MEPEI,

Julian Mares


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