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On May 12, 2021, Former Iranian President Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD filed his nomination on the second day of registration to run in the June presidential elections.

He was disqualified in 2017 by the Guardian Council, Iran’s top vetting body. He said that he does not recognize the election if would be rejected again.

The vetting of prospective candidates will take place after the five-day registration process ends.

AHMADINEJAD said the situation in Iran is “sensitive” and “difficult“, saying reform was not possible with the existing governance structure.

He added: “We must all prepare ourselves for major reforms and a big and extensive shake-up, and the process must be done according to the will of the people“.

Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini KHAMENEI promised on Tuesday to exert zero influence in the June 18 election that will see relatively moderate President Hassan ROUHANI replaced after fulfilling two terms.

According to the election headquarters, more than 59 million Iranians will be eligible to vote. But, as with the parliamentary elections in February 2020, which saw the lowest turnout in at least 40 years, the presidential election is also expected to see low turnout. Registration will end on Saturday, after which entrants will be screened for their political and Islamic qualifications by a 12-member vetting body, the Guardian Council. Six members of the hardline body are appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali KHAMENEI.

Reports suggest judiciary chief Ebrahim RAISI will sign up, which would potentially make him the top candidate as he enjoys widespread backing from fellow conservative politicians.

Mohammad Bagher GHALIBAF the Parliamentary speaker has reportedly told lawmakers he will not run and will support RAISI.

On May 12, 2021 deputy parliament speaker Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh HASHEMI registered to vie for the presidency.

Rostam GHASEMI, who was petroleum minister under AHMADINEJAD, and Mohammad ABBASI, sports and labor minister in two different AHMADINEJAD presidencies, also registered.

The former president’s agriculture minister, Sadegh KHALILIAN – who was disqualified in 2017 and in 2013, also signed up.

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