Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI) is a Romanian independent think-tank, established in 2009. Our core mission is to foster the dialogue and cooperation between institutions, people, and business environments within the European Union and their peers from the Middle East.

MEPEI is focusing its efforts on supporting the political, economic, and cultural understanding between these two regions, as well as on giving impetus to the exploration of educational progress on grounds of mutual interests. MEPEI has constantly deployed a radial approach in its activities, by advocating the philosophy derived from our core mission to any of our partners of dialogue, regardless of their location throughout the globe.

As a result of our long-term commitment and resilient stance, MEPEI has access to a network of partnerships and collaborative ties in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, also in particular in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Legal framework

Our activities are being carried within the legal provisions of G.O. no. 26/2000 and Law no. 246/2005, also in accordance with P.N.A. no. 76685/2009, issued by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

Our specific goals

MEPEI has a set of specific goals and performs a wide array of actions, subsequent to our core mission:

  • advocating the innovative thinking and creative approaches in the process of policy-shaping regarding the future of the EU – Middle East relations;
  • preventing the hazardous alteration of decision-making processes, as potentially inflicted by misconceptions and prejudices related to the history of both the Arab and Persian areas, or to biased media reporting, fake-news practices included;
  • raising the awareness on the overall situation of the Middle East to European audiences, and vice versa on the European state of affairs to Arabic and Iranian audiences;
  • effectively bringing together decision-makers, experts, and influential individuals from public and private environments, in the pursuit of building political, economic, cultural, and security bridges between the EU and the Middle East;
  • providing expertise and networking for entrepreneurs interested in the ME markets and business practices;
  • publishing reports and assessments, conducting research projects by request, promoting MEPEI’s stance and philosophy in the framework of various international events;
  • providing training and coaching programs for students and young professionals having a proven interest in the Middle East region.