Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein
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On August 10th, 2021, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad HUSSEIN paid an official visit to Iran to discuss strengthening cooperation relations between the two countries.

The Iraqi and Iranian foreign ministers met in Tehran to discuss “bilateral ties and latest regional and international developments,” the ISNA news agency reported. The meeting between Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif comes ahead of a regional summit to be held in Baghdad later this month.

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein conveyed a letter of invitation from Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kazemi to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ibrahim Raisi to attend the “Iraqi Neighboring Countries Conference”.

The conference will be held in Baghdad, in coordination with France whose President Emmanuel Macron plans to attend the conference, and bring together representatives from Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, and a few other Arab states, in addition to representatives of the European Union.

Hussein said in a statement, “The Baghdad Conference aims to support the political process and economic growth in Iraq”, adding, “the consolidation of sustainable security in the region will not be achieved without the participation of Iran and Iraq.”

For his part, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi welcomed the Iraqi government’s initiative, according to the official Iranian agency IRNA.

“Cooperation between the region’s countries without foreign interference is the necessary condition for the region’s stable security,” Raisi said.

He added, “Iran has always sought to solve Iraq’s problems, because we consider the growth and prosperity of Iraq a part of our growth and prosperity.”


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