13 Dec 2022
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The joint meeting of the MEPEI delegation and Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) was held on Saturday, December 5, about international and regional issues.

In the meeting first part, the two sides expressed their views on way to deepen and remove trade barriers in the relations between the two countries. In this panel, by providing the economic relations statistics from the last years until now, the existing potentials related to the commercial relationship of the two countries were addressed. Also, the views of both sides about the security situation of the Persian Gulf region were discussed.

In the meeting second part, regional and international issues were took into account regarding the Ukraine crisis and the NATO expansion consequences. The energy shock issue entered to the European Union and the challenges after it was one of the issues addressed by the Romanian side. Also, the two countries by raising the issue of the the multipolar system superiority to the unipolar system, emphasized on the superiority of this model to the unipolar system.

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