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The 2024 Boao Forum for Asia concluded on March 29, 2024, in Hainan, China. The theme of this year’s forum was “Harnessing the Power of Win-Win Cooperation,” and participants engaged in deep discussions on various topics, such as economic growth, global governance, technological innovation, social development, and international cooperation. The forum yielded significant positive results, contributing to the development of Asia and the world. Therefore, this paper will review and analyze the achievements of the 2024 Boao Forum.

Overview of the Forum

The 2024 Boao Forum for Asia attracted nearly 2,000 representatives from more than 60 countries and regions, who participated in over 40 parallel sessions and related activities. Throughout the event, widely consensus was reached, promoting economic growth, improving global governance, and expanding cooperation platforms. Forum Secretary-General Li Baodong said that this year’s annual meeting achieved important and positive results, sending a joint call for cooperation and development.

Economic Growth and Cooperation

Economic growth was one of the important topics discussed at the forum. Representatives generally believe that Asia has become the most dynamic and growth potential region in the world, accounting for 40% of the world’s total economy and contributing more than 70% to global economic growth.

China actively advocates economic globalization and promotes high-level opening-up, providing development opportunities for countries around the world. In terms of innovative development, China’s high-tech industry investment maintains double-digit growth, and the exports of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products are growing rapidly. Also, the digital economy is developing rapidly. China’s development of new quality productivity not only benefits itself, but also brings development opportunities to countries around the world.

Global Governance and International Cooperation

Global governance and international cooperation were another important topic at the forum. As such, representatives emphasized the need for stronger cooperation among countries in the face of global challenges.

Boao Forum President said that the forum is an important platform for discussing urgent issues faced by emerging markets in Asia and the world. Countries should jointly assume responsibilities and create a bright future, through responsible actions. In this context, at the thematic session on the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), participants exchanged ideas on high-quality development of the BRI. The BRI has become a cooperation, opportunity, and prosperity road for the participating countries.

Technological Innovation and Social Development

Other hot topics of the forum were the technological innovation and social development. Representatives believe that technological innovation is an important driving force for economic growth and social progress. Asian countries should strengthen cooperation in technological innovation to jointly address global challenges.

During the forum, Hainan Province showcased significant achievements in green and zero-carbon development and launched the Boao Zero-carbon Demonstration Zone. It also reduced carbon emissions through intelligent and digital means to achieve carbon neutrality in hosting the event.

Cultural Exchange and Cooperation

Cultural exchange and cooperation are another important aspect of the forum. During the forum, Hainan Province hosted and participated in several parallel sessions, including the Global Free Trade Zone Development Forum, which adopted a new model of high-level dialogue and cooperation negotiation accompanied by a welcome dinner.

A series of outcome documents were released, including “The Role of China’s Free Trade Zones in Promoting Institutional Innovation, Industrial Transformation, and South-South Cooperation.” Additionally, Hainan held cultural exhibitions, showcasing the unique charm of Hainan’s traditional culture and beautiful villages.


The 2024 Boao Forum for Asia achieved important and positive results, contributing to the development of Asia and the world. The forum fostered broad consensus, promoted economic growth and cooperation, strengthened global governance and international cooperation, advanced technological innovation and social development, and deepened cultural exchange and cooperation. The Boao Forum has become an important international platform for promoting global peace and development.

However, we must also recognize that Asia and the world face many challenges. In the economic field, the uncertainty and risk factors in the Asian region are increasing, and the pace of economic growth in Asia may be challenged. In global governance, countries still need to strengthen cooperation to jointly address global challenges. In technological innovation and social development, Asian countries should enhance cooperation to confront global challenges. In cultural exchange and cooperation, Asian countries should strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation to promote the diversity and prosperity of Asian culture.

Looking ahead, the Boao Forum for Asia is expected to continue playing a significant role in promoting global peace and development, fostering international cooperation and exchange. We look forward to the Boao Forum for Asia playing a greater role in the future and making greater contributions to the prosperity and development of Asia and the world.

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