On June 3, 2020, the forces loyal to Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) announced that had retaken Tripoli International Airport.

Mohamad GNOUNOU a spokesman for forces supporting GNA said “Our forces have fully liberated Tripoli International Airport”.

The pro-government forces were now “chasing HAFTAR’s militias, who are fleeing towards Gasr Gen Gashir” which 20 km south from Tripoli, GNOUNOU said.

Pro-HAFTAR forces, who launched an assault on the capital in April 2019, had captured the airport weeks later. In recent weeks, pro-GNA forces have won back a series of key locations.

Mohamad GNOUNOU said pro-GNA forces have launched a major ground and air attacks, surrounding the airport area before the final assault over the past two weeks.

Pro-GNA TV channels and social media channels shared videos showing loyalist forces entering the airport.

HAFTAR’s forces did not comment immediately on the setback, but the loss of the airport follows a string of defeats for HAFTAR in the last times. Last month he lost the key Al-Watiya airbase from which he had launched bombing runs.

GNA forces, boosted by Turkish drones and air defenses, had also taken back a string of coastal towns.

HAFTAR is supported by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and the Russian Federation.

The UN has urged outside powers to respect a deal reached at January conference in Berlin, ending foreign meddling and upholding a much-violated arms embargo.

While a January truce brokered by Turkey and Russia has been repeatedly violated, the UN said talks on a ceasefire resumed Wednesday, welcoming it as a “positive” first step.

Stephanie WILLIAMS the interim UN envoy met with a delegation of HAFTAR’s forces, UN spokesman Stephane DUJARRIC said, adding that a meeting with the GNA will be held within the coming days.

The UN mission encourages the parties to de-escalate, consider a truce to enable improved delivery of humanitarian assistance and to refrain from incitement and create an environment conducive for negotiations and building trust between the parties,” said DUJARRIC.

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