09 Nov 2021
Photo’s source: www.radio.gov.pk   On November 7, 2021, Iran started a large-scale military drill after US navy confrontation in the Sea of Oman over a seized oil tanker. Abdolrahim MOUSAVI the commander in chief of the Iranian army said to the state television the exercises are bein
05 Nov 2021
In the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, Jordan is a beacon of stability and plays an important role in the region. By maintaining peaceful relations with its neighbors, the country can prosper economically through trade, as well as by diplomatic means on the world stage. Jordan’s clos
18 Oct 2021
Iranian Destroyer Alborz Photo’s source: www. Presstv.ir   On October 16th, 2021, pirates, in five speedboats, attacked an Iranian oil vessel to hijack it but they were forced to escape following a heavy exchange of fire with the Iranian Navy's 78th flotilla of warships. “The 78
09 Sep 2021
The Moroccan flag. Source: www.flagsonline.it   September 8th, 2021 marked the day of the general elections in Morocco (third nationwide after the 2011 change of constitution), with the legislative, regional and communal elections all being held in the same time. Morocco is a constitution