02 Mar 2021
The project was developed at the initiative of the Middle East Political and Economic Institute, the Center for China Studies, and the EURISC Foundation, under the coordination of Mr. Flavius CABA-MARIA, Mr. Alexandru GEORGESCU, Mr. Liviu MUREȘAN, and Mr. Radu-Cristian MUȘETESCU. Also, a large num
15 May 2020
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted the economic, social, political, and structural weaknesses of the European Union. It has resulted not only in human tragedy, but also in political conflict, loss of trust, uncertainty in the future on the part of citizens dealing with lackluster Member States
17 Nov 2017
Nuclear energy – a gateway for Russia’s power in the MENA region In the area of nuclear energy, Russia holds the monopoly with its strategic outreach plan to build and operate nuclear reactors worldwide. Offering a full package consisting of investments, loans, fuel, services, training, and d