Hossein Amir-ABDOLLAHIAN, Iranian Foreign Minister

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On August 27, 2021, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-ABDOLLAHIAN left for Iraq to participate in a regional summit, the ministry said.

Saeed KHATIBZADEH, the foreign ministry spokesman announced the departure to the “meeting to support Iraq” in a statement.

The Iranian president RAISI, has also been invited to the Baghdad summit, but it is not clear if he will attend the event.

The meeting seeks to give to Iraq a “unifying role” to solve the crises of the region, according to sources close to Iraqi PM Mustafa Al-KADHEMI.

Iraq, for its part, has been caught for years in a delicate balancing act between its two main allies Iran and the US.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-SISI and Jordan’s King ABDULLAH II have said they will attend, as has French President Emmanuel MACRON. MACRON is the only official expected from outside the region.

To the event have been invited leaders from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey.

Iraq wants to establish itself as a mediator between Arab countries and Iran.

Iraq has been brokering talks since April 2021, between regional powers Saudi Arabia and Iran on mending ties severed in 2016.

The Iranian President RAISI, who took office last week, has said he sees “no obstacles” to restoring ties with Riyadh. One of his priorities is to improve relations with regional countries.


This article was edited using the data from the Dailystar.com.lb, France24.com Arabnews.com., Dailyadvent.com and, En.irna.ir.

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