On April 09, 2020, the Iraq’s President Barham SALIH has nominated head of intelligence Mustafa al-KADHIMI as Iraq’s new prime minister-designate.

President Barham SALIH turned to al – KADHIMI after major Shiite parties blocked his previous choice for Prime Minister – Adnan Al-ZURFI, former Najaf governor from forming a cabinet, claiming he had acted unconstitutionally.

Iraq’s latest crisis began when anti-government protests erupted in October 2019, forcing the prime minister to resign the following month. After that, a series of candidates for premier has failed to obtain majority in a parliament fractured along sectarian lines.


With my mandate to lead the Iraqi government, I pledge to my honorable people to work to form a government that puts the aspirations and demands of Iraqis as the top priority” al-KADHIMI tweeted shortly after his appointment was announced.

After 2003, he was in charge of a commission tasked with documenting state crimes during Saddam HUSSEIN’s rule, and later became a journalist.

Al – KADHIMI has been acting as chief of the intelligence service since 2016.

He has 30 days to submit a proposed ministerial team to lawmakers for approval.

A ceremony was attended by the country’s top political figures, indicating widespread support for al-KADHIMI, that neither of the previous prime minister-designates had enjoyed.

Tehran holds vast political and military influence in Iraq and its approval is seen as necessary for any prime ministerial candidate.

Pro-Iran factions staunchly opposed the nomination of al-ZURFI to the premiership which forced him to withdraw his candidacy.

Al-ZURFI said on his Facebook page: “The failure to form a new government was the cause of domestic and foreign issues”.

Al-KADHIMI, meanwhile, has long had close links with the US, but political sources declared he has also improved ties with Iran in recent months.

Although he seems to have secured widespread support at the moment that could quickly change. Many in Iraq question whether he’s really the one who can put an end to months of political uncertainty” said Al Jazeera’s Simona FOLTYN, reporting from Baghdad.

This article was edited using the data from the Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, and Arabnews. Responsibility for the accurate information set out in this article lies entirely to the original sources.

Source of the photo: Arabnews.com.

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