Erdogan, Trump

On June 8, 2020, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN said that “some agreements” have been reached with the US President Donald TRUMP over Libya during telephone talks.

Turkey supports Libya’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) and has stepped up military support to Tripoli against Khalifa HAFTAR.

The US officially backs the GNA, but HAFTAR is supported by Washington’s allies Egypt, the UAE, and the Saudi Arabia.

After our call this evening, there could be a new era between the US and Turkey regarding the (Libya) process”, ERDOGAN told state broadcaster TRT. He alluded to a “possible step” the two countries could take together but offered no details.

ERDOGAN said he would need to also hold talks with Russian President Vladimir PUTIN and discuss what steps could be taken regarding Libya.

Russian Federation has been accused of sending mercenaries from private Russian security company Wagner to support HAFTAR, accusations that Kremlin denies. The Turkish leader said while Moscow denied any of its soldiers were in Libya, there was Russian military hardware in the north African country including combat jets.

Turkey has helped the GNA, with drones and air defense systems, inflict a series of battlefield setbacks in recent weeks on HAFTAR’s forces.

Egypt had called for a ceasefire starting Monday, as part of an initiative which also proposed an elected leadership council for Libya. HAFTAR’s other supporters, Russia and the UAE, welcomed the proposal.

ERDOGAN, whose support for the GNA’s forces helped change the course of the war, said the GNA would continue fighting to seize the city of Sirte and the Jufra airbase further south in a strategic region of the oil-exporting country.

Now the goal is to take over the whole Sirte area and get it done. These are areas with the oil wells, these are of great importance” said ERDOGAN.

ERDOGAN said he would also discuss Moscow’s role in Libya with President Vladimir PUTIN, including what he said was the supply of Russian planes and Pantsir air defences to HAFTAR’s forces.

They have Pantsirs there, they sent 19 warplanes to Libya,” Erdogan said. “After talking with him, we can plan ahead”.

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