Before, during, even after the election`s day, Jordan faced a crucial opportunity for the democratization process, even though elections are just an essential step not the full enjoyment of democracy.

The Independent Election Commission has been focused on key issues to promote human rights, to strengthen the rule of law, to encourage a more civic behavior and to make good parts of the civil society a considerable partner.

In the light of a coherent strategy, the legal instruments and the electoral assistance were adopted as deeper support, paving the way to change. As a complementary activity, observation process contributed to better elections, and to likely future useful solutions.

Some ambiguity surrounds the issues of post-electoral conflicts, about that type of violent reaction, after the announcement of the results, but such cases are not on the responsibility of the Independent Election Commission.

Looking back, are obvious the intentions of the commission to perform better and the way elections were organized embraced the political transition to democracy. Specialized domestically and internationally organizations in human rights, democracy, or good governance, were accredited to observe the elections recently passed.

The head of the International Cooperation and Observation Section, Ms. Bushra Abu-Shahout, was a helpful hand during MEPEI observation mission in Jordan, providing good technical support, strengthening the image of a very well prepared executive apparatus, specifically designed to manage and implement democratic elections.

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