On Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, in two separate terrorist attacks, the Islamic Parliament administrative building and the Shrine of Imam Khomeini (PBUH) have been targeted by five terrorist attackers, and as a result, 17 persons have become martyrs and 48 others have been injured. In connection with these terrorist incidents, there are some points to be mentioned, as follows:

  1. This incident is another highlight on the dangers of takfiri terrorism, which is not limited to one or several countries, and this phenomenon can, if not restrained, bring insecurity to all parts of the world, and some of the terrorist incidents from Philippines, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon to Manchester, London and Paris are demonstrating this fact.
  2. In today’s world, the containment of takfiri terrorism is not possible only by making unilateral efforts, but requires collective and multilateral cooperation. Nowadays, terrorism has many goals, and counteracting it requires multiple parties that should cooperate and participate.
  3. Wahhabism is the main source of takfiri terrorism, and the country that was the birthplace of this doctrine, which has developed benefitting from its support, has now become a sponsor of ramified groups influenced by this school of thought, and this country itself is the main cause of continued instability in the region and in the world.
  4. The incident is the result of the inconclusive and foolish political games of some countries in the region, which are aiming to exonerate themselves in the international community, and are seeking to target other countries in order to escape the positive collective action of restoring stability in the world.
  5. This terrorist incident shows that if the Islamic Republic of Iran hadn’t stood up to fight against the phenomenon of terrorism in Syria and Iraq, which are now the main centers of terrorist movements, and if it hadn’t had all-round cooperation, we would have witnessed more destructive effects in the region until now.
  6. The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized that the use of dual standards and the division of terrorists into good and evil by some international powers are extremely dangerous and unacceptable, and any shortcoming in the fight against terrorism will lead to the destruction of humanity. Unfortunately, solely for gaining illegitimate short-term political benefits, some autocratic leaders continue to support terrorists in our world.
  7. The terrorist events in Tehran will bring reverse results, and they will determine the Islamic Republic of Iran to combat more seriously this ominous and devastating phenomenon. The best way to deal with the roots of this phenomenon is in the form of collective action, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has consistently expressed its readiness for collective cooperation.

The Press Office of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bucharest

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