30 Mar 2010
On November 30, 2009, Hezbollah announced the release of a new comprehensive ideological and political platform, the 2009 Manifesto. Issued twenty-four years after the 1985 “Open Letter”—the group’s first public ideological document— the Manifesto’s significance lays in the fact that
14 Feb 2010
With international political relations now warming and a spate of top diplomatic emissaries having graced Damascus over the past 12 months, the Syrian economy is in the nascent stages of breaking out of its isolationist past. Up until 2000, economic practices were directed towards fulfilling nati
14 Feb 2010
United States President Barack Obama's decision to name Robert Ford, as the new ambassador to Syria, to fill a post that has been vacant since 2005 has been warmly received by the Syrians.  Although his appointment still needs senate approval, Ford is considered a strong Arabist at the State Dep
09 Dec 2009
Two things were unsurprising about Hezbollah’s political document, unveiled on November 30 by the party’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, namely its content and characterization in the media. The document reaffirmed the party’s determination to defend its parallel state while simultane
16 Nov 2009
The following section addresses aspects of the rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), known as jus in bello, which govern the way each party to an armed conflict must conduct itself in the course of hostilities. It does not address whether Hezbollah was justified in attacking Israel or whe
18 Oct 2009
The parties that make up the Lebanese political system are the most Western in the Arab world. Though Lebanon still suffers under an antiquated legal system inherited from the Ottoman Empire and French Mandate period, prior to World War II, the Cedar Republic enjoys a vibrant and competitive party s
11 Oct 2009

29 Aprilie 2019

The SIS Factor in Beirut

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman recently appeared in the Saudi daily al-Hayat talking about ministerial appointments in Lebanon. Suleiman said that there was no law in Lebanon preventing the appointment of figures recently defeated in parliamentary elections, as cabinet ministers. It was a lon
03 Oct 2009
Arab political discourse is characterized by cacophony and an utter absence of comprehensive analysis. Any attempt to systematically address or analyze the recurrent political crises and failures in the Arab world is thwarted by the reality of this discourse. A brief examination of the media coverag
02 Oct 2009
“A state cannot be constituted from any chance body of persons, or in any chance period of time” said Aristotle, and historical Lebanon is no exception. The Lebanese people witnessed major changes since the Cedars Revolution drove half of the population to the streets: the withdrawal of t