04 Oct 2016
The end of September 2016 proved to be eventful for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: the country announced a severe drop in public spending, by cutting ministers’ salaries and bonuses, while offering concessions in the OPEC meeting (held in Algeria, 28 September), agreeing to slash the oil production
23 Sep 2016
The parliamentary elections in Jordan are set at a time of turbulence in the broader region, Jordan had to put enormous efforts into stabilizing itself against all odds. The Kingdom is being overwhelmed both by external factors (war-torn neighbors) resulting in an ever-growing refugee crisis and int
16 Sep 2016
The hundreds of thousands of Hajj pilgrims are preparing to return home after traveling from around the world to Saudi Arabia for the five-day pilgrimage, one of the five pillars of Islam, a duty for the Muslim believers considering they are fit and able. This represents one of the largest world’s
13 Jun 2016
Department of International Studies and Contemporary History - Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca in cooperation with Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI) of Bucharest are organizing the following educational event: Regional and Global Impact
13 Apr 2016
Event: Intensive courses Venue: Hotel Marshal Garden, Bucharest The date of the event: 18th April- 19th May 2016, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 17:00- 20:00 Organizer: Centre of Advanced Strategies Partners: Middle East Political and Economic Institute, Centre of Analysis and Securit