27 Mar 2020
On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, Turkish prosecutors have formally charged 20 Saudi nationals over the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal KHASOGGI in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul in 2018, including two men close to the crown prince, Mohammed bin SALMAN. The trial in absentia would be ope

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13 Jun 2016
Department of International Studies and Contemporary History - Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca in cooperation with Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI) of Bucharest are organizing the following educational event: Regional and Global Impact
10 Jan 2015
The end of the last year announced a tense 2015 concerning the domestic policy in Turkey. The best argument was given by the Recep ERDOGAN`s transition in the position of President of the Republic. Ahmet DAVUTOGLU's appointment as prime minister, Abdullah GUL`s marginalization, representing the m
02 Oct 2014
The historic peace treaty between the PKK and Ankara is in jeopardy of falling apart if the Islamic State Organization will succeed in taking over the Kurdish populated city of Kobane, in Syria. “The siege of Kobane is much more than an ordinary siege. If the Islamic State manages to unleash th
28 Jul 2014
An exclusive interview of MEPEI with Turkish journalist Burak Bekdil . July 15, 2014 Burak Bekdil is an Ankara-based freelance journalist. He writes a column for the Turkish Daily News and covers defense and security for the U.S. weekly Defense News. He also writes for other western publications. B