16 Feb 2022
The global system is increasingly cracking and destabilizing. Therefore, we are in a series of regional transformation processes that include the possibility of a fundamental change in the balance of power, these processes of change being closely related to the foreign and security policy of countri
16 Sep 2021
Although the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has left the front pages of the world media, the geopolitical trends in the region are still taking shape. During June-July 2021, Armenian diplomats sharply increased the number of meetings with their French counterparts in Yerevan, Paris, and the
08 Sep 2021
Turkish and Egyptian flags. Source: www.theowp.org   Ever since the 2011 events related to the Arab Spring and Turkey’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the bilateral relations between Egypt and Turkey diminished in intensity, but 2021 brought the opportunity for bilateral talks and a tha
03 Sep 2021
Source: quora.com   After the effects of the Arab Spring on Russia’s foreign policy in 2011 and its successful mediation in the agreement between the West and Syria on the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles (September 2013), the question of whether Russia has a strategy for the
16 Aug 2021
Source: Businessturkeytoday.com Nearly two hundred large fires have occurred in the forests of Turkey, and the country is burning in flames. But many opposition media and critics of the government believe that forest fires are neither strange nor new. According to them, there is a significant and
02 Jul 2021
One of the most important questions for people is why the Middle East, despite having one of the richest sources of energy in the world, it has never had a robust and independent country. How this region of the world always a bedrock for internal struggles and conflicts and has not felt any relative